iPW6 #Model #Photography #Day174

I attended the 6th iPW workshop held at Hyatt, Bangalore on 24th Jan 2016.

It was hosted by Mr. Abhishek who also is the CEO of the company. He also seemed to have been my college(Manipal) senior. I also met another senior from Manipal there.
The workshop was about “The Layman’s Approach to Manual Mode”. I have already been shooting in Manual Mode for past 1 year and I wanted to confirm my learnings. I seem to have the right knowledge of ISO, aperture and shutter speed. Also, I have all these three under control. All the other people though were very new to the Manual Mode and learnt a lot during the session.

I clicked 2 male models and 2 female models. I will be posting their snaps soon. I did play around a lot with a flash I got hold of, which had slave mode option, and that helped me create beautiful portraits. Will be sharing the same soon.

His company is trying to bring together the photographers from across the city to help the photographer-community. It’s is good sign for the budding photographers. Feeling Optimistic.


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