Objects #Photography #Day178

Venue : iPW6 @Hyatt, Bangalore

These all have beautiful Vibrant Abstract colours and they reflect light beautifully.

  1. The man in the reflection next to the stored wine bottles have a profound feel to it. It seems like he is longing for the sun to go down so that he can enjoy a bottle of wine with his beloved.
  2. I have uploaded “the reflection in the mobile-phone of toffees in a cocktail glass ” image to explain the next image.
  3. The foreground has an empty tea-cup on a saucer with the spoon with blurred highlights. At a feet’s distance is the mobile-phone with the reflection of a cocktail glass with mentos in them.
  4. This image is a coin rotating around at high speed. I caught this image just before the coin would become lifeless. This image has a shutter speed of 1/2000s and manual focus.

See if you could re-create these images and tag me to it or give a pingback to this page…


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