Imagine a life entirely different from the one you now lead, what would it be?

20151220_121224 (1024x578)I love ice-creams and have always enjoyed the art of making ice-creams. I see myself running a chain of ice-cream parlours in cities around India.

And once in a while, I can see myself visiting one of the stores and making ice creams at the cold-stone counter, a slab on which ice-creams remain frozen. I would be wearing a toque and tossing different ice-creams on the cold-stone. What better way to bring a smile on someone’s face than serving them delightful, customized flavours of their favourite ice-creams!

I would love to meet people from various walks of life, interact with them, learn about their lives and share my joy with them. I see myself interacting with an old lady who just wants a sugar-free vanilla because she is diabetic and has no teeth, but still wants to reminisce the moments from her past. Next in line, I see a mother holding her infant and asking for a butterscotch base mixed with cream, cookies, nuts and jam on top. The expression on the child’s face when he first tastes his ice cream is simply precious.

To present someone with a plate of well concocted, terrific looking dessert, with a flawless assortment of candy and cake would warm up my heart.


2 thoughts on “Imagine a life entirely different from the one you now lead, what would it be?

  1. That’s very sweet! I remember when I was younger my mom used to wish she could open an ice cream shop. I wished she would too, so I could get free ice cream 🙂 She’s retired now, and I think she enjoys relaxing instead lol.

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  2. Build a log cabin somewhere in a woodland… have a small vineyard and animals and veggies. Must be near a beach so I can go fishing. Oh, and keep writing and blogging.
    Or… have a canal barge and live all over the European inland systems… always writing… dreams, dreams… more dreams! 😉

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