Light Painting #Photography Day211

Me and 4 other friends left at 2:30am for Nandi Hills, 70kms from Bangalore. On the way we created many light painting photographs via the streaks of the cars passing by, by external flash and using the “Color Light” android app.

Thanks to all my friends who helped me and has enough patience to keep posing for it repeatedly. The work which you is the hard work done during the timespan of 4 hours. And the day did not finish there. We continued clicking street and candid types after the sunrise.

Landscape is a part of the mother Earth and let’s try to preserve as much as we can for the future to see it that way.

P.S. No photoshop or any such softwares have been used to produce these images. Do share a link down below if you are inspired by my work and have re-created something on your own.


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