Monochrome Street #Photography Day214

After the early morning light painting, clicking candid at Nandi and only 2 hours of sleep, I headed out for the meetup on Prime-lens Monochromatic Photowalk which was organised by Frugal Photography.

I clicked with Samuel Carothers till 11pm and it was an amazing experience. I experienced something very different today onEarth.

Event details included :

Prime-lens monochromatic photowalk with a NatGeo photo-journalist(Samuel Carothers) this Sunday 3pm – 8pm
Technical Knowhow about the cameras in the first hour.
* Why Shoot Black and White?
* How to See in Black and White.
* Visual Design. ( form & content & composition)
* Elements of Form In Photography
* The Medium Of Photography
* Characteristics of Color
* Colours in Black and White
* Tones and filters
* Contrast
* Keys ( High-key ~ Low-key)
* Expressions and Elements in Black and White..

I personally learnt how to click black and white as I had never done so before. Second thing I learnt is how to approach a stranger and take his pics. So it goes like this : take a few pic of his without him/her knowing and then walk up to them – show them their pic – and appreciate the picture – then politely ask if its okay and whether they would pose for the camera.

I know now that the streets include many thing, starting from portrait and candid all the way to abstract and architecture. The perfect blend of all is Street.

Monochromatic photography taught me that its important to reflect on an image’s emotions without the colors. That is when I can actually bring out a story in them. And the story is how the viewer connect with the photograph.

8 thoughts on “Monochrome Street #Photography Day214

  1. Nice piece of advice regarding getting permission to photograph people. Personally I always end up prefering my portraits in colour. Your evening street images give me a feeling of being there.

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