Street #Photography at Nandi Day212

Next up, after Light Painting, we reached the Nandi Hills at 6:10am, but it took us 1 hour to get the tickets due to the improper queue, and hence we missed the beautiful sunrise. I was sad for my friends because it was their first time to Nandi and missed the best part.

I did capture many images while they were toiling up the hill trekking to see the sunrise point. I also clicked random people who seemed interesting to me.

Landscape is a part of the mother Earth and let’s try to preserve as much as we can for the future to see it that way. Today Was a Good Day but its not yet finished. Later I held a meetup regarding Street Photography in Monochrome.

P.S. No photoshop or any such softwares have been used to produce these images. Do share a link down below if you are inspired by my work and have re-created something on your own.

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