Career Dilemma – Help needed

I have been trying for 2.5 years to get into a MBA abroad, but I have been unsuccessful. I even got through to the interview at one of the good schools but eventually got declined.

I have started feeling that my life wants me to take a different path. Or perhaps it is just not the time yet. I am confused. What should I do? What should I pursue?

Current Objective: I have been in an IT company for 33 months and I wish to pursue an MBA degree from one of the top 50 colleges.

Dependencies: I need a minimum of 3 years of work experience.


  1. I switch my vertical after 3 months to marketing so that I get an understanding of the job role before hand.
  2. I switch my vertical to full-time photographer which will add to my diversity and change the pool from which the colleges will pick me from.
  3. Stay where I am and continue the mundane life (safe play).

I need help in deciding which path should I chose.


One thought on “Career Dilemma – Help needed

  1. Go online. Type ‘MBA Online courses’ and see out of the selection which ones do not require an interview see which one is best for you they last several years of home study. Some do need you to go in the university part time. Some don’t. Some need you to do everything online.

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