Fire Safety Drill #Photography @Toshiba India Day217

Learning a sparing act. 🙂

Fire Safety drill was executed at my office today(Thu 19-05-2016) – Toshiba Software India Pvt. and it was completed successfully. There was a coveted guy from the military who was talking gracefully and made the drill fun. Fun is a very important part otherwise many employees will not take it seriously. Many practicals and demos were shown for different scenarios and various situations. Personal favourite was – how to evacuate a person in need with three-hand, four-hand or piggyback techniques.
Following are the images taken while demonstration. Click each image to know further about it.

Also, thanks to all the impromptu participants who volunteered willingly or unwillingly. In the time of fire, everyone is supposed to vacate the building within 3 minutes and that is exactly what happened today. Hence, it was a success. The attendance was taken by ERT members and all the employees gathered around the make-shift stage and stayed there for an hour without creating much noise.
Roughly 800 people standing in a mob without making noise is commendable. It’s a rare sight at least in India.
Thanks again to Toshiba India and to the “guy” who conducted the fire safety drill.

  1. We now know how to put of a fire over water, oil and in case of electricity.
  2. Types of fire extinguishers – water, CO2 and chemical.
  3. Always aim the extinguisher at the sides of the fire and not at the heart.
  4. Crawl and move when in fire zone.
  5. Roll a blanket or bedsheet to drag a person.
  6. Tie a wet handkerchief around your nose to protect self from the smoke.


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