Club #Photography @Kangaroo Day218

It’s been over a month, since I have posted anything. So, I am going to post many in the next few days. I hope my subscribers as well as others would like it. I have changed my subjects lately to people and hence been doing “people photography” specially in night-clubs. I see many pretty and Jubilant Faces in the dark which my pics brighten up. Most of the ladies are not to be found in a Spare dress, rather a beautiful gown and designer dresses. Also, being the photographer, I share my Numbers with many of them who ping me to put up the pics asap so that they can flaunt their Curve on their own Facebook timeline with or without their Partners.

Below are the pics from all the clubs I have been shooting within Bangalore during the starting weeks of the previous month. Click/hover over the pics for more information.

Please do mention in the comment what else you would like to see from the night clubs in Bangalore. See the part two of this series here.

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