Jugaad #MoreIndianThanYouThink – so is Organised Chaos

The Urban India is so busy westernizing that the generation-X has forgotten our local Indian ways of seeing things. We have even westernized Indian things
1. Gol-gappa wala -> Water balls
2. Junk street food -> food truck
3. Desi Nagin dance -> sophisticated Clubbing
and many more.

The true value is perhaps seen by Lufthansa and I am so proud of it. Thanks for reminding me that “maa ke haath ka khana“(mom’s food) still tastes the best even after 26 years, dad’s advice is still seems the wisest and there is no one better at pampering than my Family.

Being said that the Lufthansa guys asked us bloggers a simple question – Is the Indian way of thinking a unique contributor to our success?
I say yes..Absolutely. It sure stuck with me – specially the dance moves. “And if it has to be Dance like Indians”. Although that comes right after the guys trying to tear apart the chapati with one hand.

Another question which they posed was – Draw from your personal experiences, and share your stories of how being an Indian helped you win in a situation, and how your ideologies, values and culture have contributed to your success.

Allow me to quote directly from my essays I have been writing to all the US MBA colleges – Since my childhood, I have been the part of a joint family and have stayed with 2 generations. I have first handedly experienced the change in perspectives of different generations and how advancement in technology has shaped the current lifestyles. As I grew, I lived in 5 states, traveled to 24 of 29 states in India and visited 6 countries all with 13 people and sometimes more. My upbringing, travels and the work have helped me experience the differences between the developed and the developing economy. This perspective will help me contribute to the class discussions. As an Indian working for a Japanese company on a project managed by two teams in two different nations has made me adaptable and more receptive towards different cultures, communications and perspectives. This would help me adapt to the class seamlessly.
Etc…. – The above statement has helped me get interview calls from 80% of the colleges I applied to.

Secondly, I see there are plenty of foreigners roaming around in India from every other part of the globe and just to understand the “organised chaos“. That’s something special we got in our blood. It cannot be taught, it can only be experienced. Also, India has taught them “yoga” which helps them to live a health life. Right after that comes “jugaad“. Harvard is still trying to figure out what it is and there are plenty of books written on it namely Frugal Innovation and Jugaad itself. Just to give an example – even the famous photographer Steve McCurry has published multiple books about India and he says – “[I was drawn to] the depth of culture here,” “The visual chaos, the endless variety of dramatic cheek-by-jowl juxtapositions it affords: modernity and tradition, the haves and have-nots, the usual and the bizarre.”

It(organised chaos) cannot be taught, it can only be experienced.

India’s growing global influence in Lufthansa’s #MoreIndianThanYouThink TVC

Hence my ideologies, values and culture have always contributed to my success in every stepping stone of my life and I hope to transfer all that I have learnt to the next generation.

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