Happy #Holi2019 at William & Mary, VA, USA



The auspicious festival holi is upon us and I have had been very lucky to celebrate holi with loving, caring and responsible people. Back at home, where I will be just before holi, I see holi not as just playing with herbal colors but to me, it happens in multiple stages – 7 steps to be exact.

Step 1: Wake Up

This is the most exciting part. I am all excited, I wake up relatively early that usual and am all pumped up. I start thinking about the preparations I need to do, and think it as no joke. It’s a continuous thought process which takes place while brushing and everything.

Step 2: Prepare

First thing on the preparations list is filling of the water balloons which sadly has a success rate of 40%. The rest 60% either are torn initially or break while filling water. Post that I need to get my hand and head bathed in oil so that it bears as less color as possible. But the most important deed is to keep the house clean and that is something I am really good at. I know that once I come back after the play I will be drenched and the colors will be dripping from all sides. Hence, the journey from the front gate to the washroom is to be handled with most delicacy, else my mom wouldn’t like it. So I have to prepare a thick carpet-like passage filled with leaflets of newspaper right up till the doorsteps of my washroom.
After all this, I need to change into the clothes which I do not wish to use any further. I also wear shoes as it is most comfortable.

Step 3: Eat

In all this commotion I always hear my mom calling out for me to eat pretty stuff like “pua” and other special items. I am mostly scolded as eating is the last thing on my priority list that day.

Step 4: Call Up Friends

It’s time to call up friends, decide upon the venue and timings and perhaps also create a WhatsApp group for coordination. Once, we are out of our houses no one carries their mobiles so punctuality is a must. It is good to hang about a group so that one is protected from the rowdy bullies.

Step 5: Fill my Pockets

Carrying all my stuff at once so that I do not come back home is of utmost importance as then I would be wasting time traveling. Thus, I stuff my pockets with wet and dry colors and place all my water balloons in a carry-bag.

Step 6: Respect the elders

Go to my grandparents pay my tribute on the auspicious holi occasion by putting some colors on their feet, and eat some more at their place. And now i am ready to play holi.

Step 7: Play Holi

Get out there, meet your friends and have a “happy holi” 🙂
It starts decent every time but ends up muddy and eggy.

And hence the slogan “buraa na maano holi hai” Of-course there are further steps involved which include cleaning up and then having a feisty lunch and then sleep like kumbhakaran and then eat again. But all those things do not interest me. It’s the color and the water which makes me happy and I hope to do it this time again.


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