Message in comments below if you want me to #click for you.
Its been long since I started clicking. I was interested in Photography since childhood but never got hands on DSLR. After my graduation I bought my first DSLR in December 2014. This is my 2nd blog since I exhausted space on my previous blog(frugal Photograph).

Until Now I have explored Bokeh, Multiple-Exposure, Backlight, Silhouette,

SunsetClouds, Candid, Automobile, Concert, Still Life(Spectacles, Christmas),

Streets (Night, ), Sports (Tennis, ), Pets (dogs, ), Social (health Camp, )

Wildlife (Langoor, Elephants, Deer, Peacock, Birds Sitting, Birds Flying),

Nature (Flower-Show, Water, Cubbon Park, Green), Shadow, HDR, Aeroplane,

Night (Orion, Stars, Exposure >2sec, ), Kids (Arya, ), Events (NYE, Birthday, Nandi Hills),

Portraiture(Jagee, Friends, Friends II,  Jyoti, Sommanna, Self)

Couple Photography(Vicky-Renu, Jyoti-Somm), Moon(Bright Light, Details)

Club Photography(Valentine’s night, Valentine’s Eve, Sanctum,XtremeSports,Cirrus, FBarManphoChecklist )

Time Lapse Video(Moon)

Personal Short Term Goal: Completed a 100 days streak of different kinds of Photography.
Conducting my own first meetup/workshop over photography within Bangalore on 27th Feb 2016. – Feel free to join frugal-Photography.

Next milestone: Still looking for one. Wanna help.
Perhaps, travel to a city abroad and capture it’s culture from a foreigner’s perspective.

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