Rann Of Kutch Star Trail Photography at 2am


So I recently visited Rann Of Kutch, Gujrat. It is in the Western parts of India.

The special thing about Rann is that it is open for tourists only 3 months a year. So I asked everyone working there what they did rest of the year; and there were some very crazy answers – I work as an LIC agent – I work in another hotel which also functions only for 3 months but at a different time of the year – I make pottery in Bhuj and sell them here.

Another crazy fact is that Rann is only 60 km from Pakistan border and hence the BSF security is very tight. So don’t try to cross any lines {talking from live experience}.

Rest Enjoy my star trail captures – It was amazingly pitch dark as I happened to be there in the time of no moon day and hence zero moon light. I along with my cabbie who was super interested in photography, drove 5 km away from my Tent House, so that the lights from the tent does not disturb our photo and I could come up with the following.

There was zero light and hence there were NO Shadows created.

Talking to myself in Solitude and finding a Repurpose to my past.


Long Exposure #Photography #Day192

When your life is jumbled up but you still have to stay in peace and maintain harmony on your face, that is the most difficult turmoil you will face within.

Following is the piece of art I created while on my trip to Wayanad, Kerela. I have tried to depict the turmoil in the background through the passing traffic but the rider’s face is as calm as it could be.

Comment below if you would like to see a video on how to recreate these images.