#Portfolio #Photoshoot

Portfolio photoshoot with single external flash. Experimented with single external flash and this is what I could generate in an hour what I had.


Experimented with single external flash and this is what I could generate in an hour what I had.New Horizon is in town.

Pre – Diwali #Photography Day221

All the Indians across the world wait for this auspicious festival to come by. Just like others, I also love Diwali and all the package that comes with it.

It’s one time of the year when kids can roam around with their friends late at night and adults can burst crackers and enjoy the lights. Just a day before the festival, my mom cleans the apartment and event inch of my home is now shining bright and the radiance is mesmerizing. Few pics from my home and few others from my relative’s house. Let it Shine

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#Club #Photography @Kangaroo Day216

One of the things which comes to my mind when I think of the word Jubilant is dancing at a club. Specially, in Bangalore it has become more of a tradition, where on a Friday or a Saturday night people go clubbing to relax. People indulge themselves in various activities : dancing, jumping, drinking, smoking hukka, enjoying their trip, and tapping to music. The club starts playing music around 8pm but the featured Dj doesn’t come on board until 10pm. Crowd also starts pouring in after 930pm. Generally, the guest list is also open only till 10pm, so if you are new to Bangalore and don’t know how to party, just give any of the organisers a call and get yourself on the guest-list.

Following are the images from one my latest shoots at a bar where the crowd was not much but it was a young, vibrant and descent crowd with beautiful faces.

It all seems very simple but to organise a successful event, there is lot of preparation which goes on in the background.

  1. The organisers approaches a dj and asks when would he be free.
  2. The organisers go club hunting, whether any of them are available on a suitable day. They prefer it to be a Saturday, specially a second saturday because that is when the crowd is maximum and they can spend at their best. Second criteria is the location; it should be preferably within the city – for Bangalore the famous places are Koramangala, Indiranagar and M G Road in that order.
  3. Next, comes in the most important work – to gather crowd. Like there are influencers whose tweets are seen by most of the people, there are promoters who know most of the party people. Organisers hire various promoters to get traction for their event. And these organisers keep publicising it every now and then on social media and WhatsApp.

The measure to define the success of the event is as follows:

  1. Sales happened at the bar
  2. Crowd turnover
  3. Average time spent by people
  4. Dance floor crowd defines how good the dj was
  5. Pictures take of hot/beautiful girls

Few other important measures that might be taken into consideration:

  1. Target audience. Which age group are you focusing –
    1. Old men who can spend more or IT crowd who can spend comparatively less but present in more numbers.
    2. Dancers who like to drink or people who want to sit and enjoy the music.
    3. Rowdy crowd who just want to do their rowdy moves on the dance floor.

Organisers need to be aware of:

  1. Rowdy groups – who come only to tease women and create trouble.
  2. Hookers – who might want to rob you of your wallet. (this is very rare)
  3. Teens – who will want to drink past their limits.

Hence, it is not so easy to organise an event. Aftermath of the party. The club will try to re-negotiate with the organisers. The organisers will re-negotiate with Dj, promoters and photographers. Btw we(photographers) as a community are paid very less compared to the profit the organisers are making. Just to give you a rough estimate the sales at the bar can go as high as (Rs.4 lakhs = $6000) and then there is entry fee for stags which is generally (Rs.1000 = $15) per person.

Monochrome Street #Photography Day214

After the early morning light painting, clicking candid at Nandi and only 2 hours of sleep, I headed out for the meetup on Prime-lens Monochromatic Photowalk which was organised by Frugal Photography.

I clicked with Samuel Carothers till 11pm and it was an amazing experience. I experienced something very different today onEarth.

Event details included :

Prime-lens monochromatic photowalk with a NatGeo photo-journalist(Samuel Carothers) this Sunday 3pm – 8pm
Technical Knowhow about the cameras in the first hour.
* Why Shoot Black and White?
* How to See in Black and White.
* Visual Design. ( form & content & composition)
* Elements of Form In Photography
* The Medium Of Photography
* Characteristics of Color
* Colours in Black and White
* Tones and filters
* Contrast
* Keys ( High-key ~ Low-key)
* Expressions and Elements in Black and White..

I personally learnt how to click black and white as I had never done so before. Second thing I learnt is how to approach a stranger and take his pics. So it goes like this : take a few pic of his without him/her knowing and then walk up to them – show them their pic – and appreciate the picture – then politely ask if its okay and whether they would pose for the camera.

I know now that the streets include many thing, starting from portrait and candid all the way to abstract and architecture. The perfect blend of all is Street.

Monochromatic photography taught me that its important to reflect on an image’s emotions without the colors. That is when I can actually bring out a story in them. And the story is how the viewer connect with the photograph.

Women’s Day194 #Photography

This is how the women’s day was celebrated at Toshiba Software India.  It was celebrated on 11th the closest Friday to the 8th March 2016. Many women participated and the spirits were high. Ramp walk, and musical chair were few of the events that took place.

Miss Tall #Photography #Day190

Model: Ms Arpita

Venue: Sutra, Lalith Ashok, Bangalore

Date: 13th February, 2016

Very tall and high on life. Her mother was there to support her all the way and she won the runner up in the Miss Valentine competition.